We are happy to take people with all different levels of experience fishing from the first timer to the seasoned vet. We are capable and able to accommodate.
The USCG limits the amount of people allowed on the fishing charter to 6 that means you can bring up to 4 people with you making 6 total including the captain.
We have no issue with you bringing beer or alcohol on the fishing charter. Have a good time, but please drink responsibly.
The fishing guide captain will clean your groups catch for you at the end of the trip and package it up in air and water right bags. If you would like to ship your catch it is up to you to make those arrangements.
There really isn’t a best time of your to fish. Depending on the season the chance to catch one species over another may change but the fish are always in the water. This is the best reason to use a fishing charter service because we are out on the water everyday we know their pattern and can put you where the fish are any time of year.
There are no age restrictions on our guided fishing trips we welcome friends and member of the family from all generations.
In order to go fishing with the fishing charter you will need to have a valid Texas saltwater fishing licenses.
The most targeted and caught fish would be Redfish, Trout, and Flounder. But you can also catch SkipJack (Lady Fish), Black Drum, Sheepshead as well as other fish that are less desirable.
The biggest benefit of using a professional fishing charter or fishing guide is piece of mind, convenience, and catching fish. We are on the water everyday and learn the pattern of the fish so we can put you where the fish are faster leaving you with more time catching and less time fishing. Also you don’t have to worry about if the boat is performing well, hauling it to the boat ramp, finding or catching bait, what condition your tackle is in or cleaning your catch.
Yes you can bring your family on our fishing charter and we want you to. We have families also and to use fishing and family go hand in hand.