Information About Fishing Trips?

Fishing is fun and also a very exciting experience to most people. A lot of people interested in learning how to fish learn to fish either from relatives or friends who already have experience with fishing. If you do not have a guide to take you fishing then worry no more. We are here at your service to take you on a guided fishing trip of incredible experience.

When learning how to fish it is important to identify the best place to fish and with our experience inshore bay fishing is as good as it gets. We are sure as a potential fisherman you have probably heard of a “Texas Slam”. This is a term that is used when one is lucky enough to have a huge catch of at least one of the man three inshore species. By species I mean the red drum, flounder and speckled trout. Catching a collection made up of any of the three in a single outing is a call for celebration to any fisherman.

In addition there is the number four, in recent years this species has been bringing up sport fishing rear; it’s called the black drum. It’s very fun to catch and it’s usually found in huge masses and they get pretty large. For an angler sometimes a good fight is all they are looking for. Catching black drum on lures is tricky, but through the years we have found ways to catch these are artificial lures. This is particularly helpful when using light tackle and soft plastic lures. Clear water is ideal for sight casting situations where you are able to see the fish and plan a successful presentation for getting them to eat the bait.


The key to catching constantly was to cast along the outside of the school of fish with any of the major soft plastic shrimp imitation baits and rolling it gradually near the outside of the school of feeding fish. When single a fish visually notices the lure by spinning its head to the bait, the angler is needs to pause. This usually docile fish will not chase the lure very far, so instantly quit reeling and reduce the speed.

Medium weight spinning equipment works tremendously well as you can throw light bait and then quickly let the fish run with a flick of the bail. The medium weight rods use a heavier shaft blank that has a spinal column to help when fighting larger fish. Please keep in mind that it might be best to set the hook with a slow far-reaching action when using circle hooks and let the hooks do most of the work. This allows the ability to catch more fish from the school as they won’t get spooked.

Finally as a fisherman it’s important to be aware of the etiquette on the flats. Now that you have a guide for your fishing trip, remember you are using shared waters. This means that you have other anglers around catching fish. When fishing, ensure that you give other anglers their freedom. When wading, do not crowd other anglers who are already present in the water. In any case that you are moving more rapidly than anglers before you, you should slow down or instead change your route. On the other hand in case others move toward your water, utilize hand signals to lead them off your line in a peaceful manner.